Wednesday, 29 December 2021

Covid-19: Definitions matter - and these are REAL

After posting the above on twitter there were some of the usual useful idiots saying it was all false without offering any evidence. Well, here are screenshots from the UK Government Covid dashboard website from today on definitions of cases and deaths:


It is also important to note that having a positive PCS test within 28 days of deaths is not the ONLY way to be counted as a Covid death. In fact the dashboard also has this plot, which is the one whose numbers are generally quoted:

If proper analyses of cause of death were undertaken then clearly this number should be much lower than the number who died within 28 days of a positive test. Unfortunately the numbers are consistently HIGHER - as of today the cumulative total of deaths within 28 days of a positive test is 148,089 whereas the cumulative total with Covid-19 on the death certificate is 171,801. This means that in addition to all of those classified as a Covid-19 death by virtue of a positive test within 28 days, another 23,000 deaths have been added. We suspect that many are like that of this twitter responder:

And (as the dashboard website has recently removed the definition of a Covid hospitalisation) here is the definition in the NHS England Report

For definition of a vaccinated and unvaccinated person see this CDC report (all the various studies of vaccine efficacy and safety from around the world that we have previously reported on use these definitions):

This CDC report also has the US definitions of cases, hospitalizations and deaths. The only difference to the UK definitions is that anybody dying within 60 days of a positive PCR test is classified as a Covid death:


  1. I posted this a while ago on another website, which is relevant to this post:

    The age-old, classic and trusted tactic behind the fraud of all vaccines ever since their inception several centuries ago: Alter the definition by which a disease is diagnosed in the vaccinated as opposed to the unvaccinated.

    As the famous author, George Bernard Shaw, said:

    "“During the last epidemic at the turn of the century, I was a member of the Health Committee of London Borough Council. I learned how the credit of vaccination is kept up statistically by diagnosing all the re-vaccinated cases of smallpox as pustular eczema, varioloid, or whatnot - [anything] except smallpox.”

    Refer to Alfred Russel Wallace's brilliant "Vaccination Delusion" for an in-depth and irrefutable breakdown and exposé of this fraudulent tactic used time and again in regards to the smallpox vaccination racket.

    A recent example of the use of this fraudulent tactic is the "successful" elimination of Polio in India in 2011, after an intense vaccination drive set in motion and funded by the cabal fronted by Bill Gates et al. The medical establishment could not even be bothered with inventing an innovative name for the explosive proliferation of a "new" disease which is "clinically identical" to (though 8 times deadlier than) Polio Acute Flaccid Paralysis, simply renaming it Non-Polio Acute Flaccid Paralysis to which more than 490,000 children succumbed according to meticulous recording by the Indian health administration. For more information on this particular swindle, refer to the paper, "Correlation between Non-Polio Acute Flaccid Paralysis Rates with Pulse Polio Frequency in India."

    Whatever figure is worked out in any analysis of the rate of covid amongst the vaccinated is a HUGE underestimate. It is based on public health data which is wholly unreliable and skewed massively towards being favorable to the vaccinated.

    NHS guidelines, the protocols which doctors are basing their diagnosis on, and the doctors' own biases towards vaccination make it far more unlikely that they will deem covid to be the cause of a casualty if the patient was vaccinated than if he or she was unvaccinated (e.g. flu symptoms amongst unvaccinated signal a classic case of covid, whilst flu symptoms amongst the vaccinated signal a classic case of ... flu).

    The fraud is now being committed in blatant daylight. CDC, for example, has gone on public record setting 28 cycles for PCR testing of vaccinated individuals, whilst keeping the cycles at 35 for unvaccinated - just one example of a whole slew of ingenious ruses, both open and underhand, being currently employed to skew the figures favorably towards the vaccinated.

    Yet, even with rigged figures, in many analyses by objective researchers, the vaccinated are accounting for most of the hospitalizations and fatalities.

    When analysing data from public health authorities, the author of this particular article (and other objective researchers) should bear in mind and take into account, the widespread employment of such insidious subterfuges by health authorities worldwide

    1. Thanks for that excellent information. It really is corrupt.

    2. "The fraud is now being committed in blatant daylight. CDC, for example, has gone on public record setting 28 cycles for PCR testing of vaccinated individuals"

      Good God, is that true??

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  3. At every level, the powers that be have ensured that there is wide enough scope for subjectivity via which the results can be skewed in whichever direction they desire. For example, in the guidance issued by the British Medical Association, titled, "Verification of Death (VoD), Completion of Medical Certificates of Cause of Death (MCCD) and Cremation Forms in the Community in England and Wales", it makes clear in the excerpted paragraphs below that covid can be classed as the cause of death based purely on the judgement of the doctor, even without the results of a positive test. So, in theory at least, and most likely in practice too, a doctor could quite easily attribute the death of a vaccinated person with a positive pcr test result to a comorbidity the person might have had (or failing that, to the flu), whilst attributing the death of an unvaccinated person with multiple comorbidities along with a negative pcr test result, to Covid - especially if the doctor believes, like most doctors, that the vaccines provide around "95% protection", whatever that may mean in his mind.

    Certification of Death

    After a death has been verified, a certificate (Medical Certificate of Cause of Death – MCCD) must be completed and submitted to the local registrar of births, marriages and deaths. The certificate must be completed by a doctor who is registered (including temporary registration) and licensed to practice with the GMC. In addition to other details required on the certificate, the doctor must provide to the best of their knowledge and belief a cause of death. The cause entered is a matter of clinical judgement, determined by weighing up the patient’s recent and past medical history and the circumstances of their death. When a doctor cannot reasonably give a likely cause of death the case must be submitted to the coroner for investigation which may include a post-mortem examination of the body to establish a cause of death. Under COVID-19 arrangements, where the GP has completed the MCCD, it will be emailed to the registrar’s office, rather than being collected from the surgery. In those cases where the doctor is confident on medical grounds that a particular cause of death is likely then that should be entered on the MCCD. COVID-19 is an acceptable direct or underlying cause of death for the purposes of completing the MCCD, even without the results of a positive test, and it is important that likely COVID-19 deaths are reported as such via the registrar. The rules surrounding the completion of the MCCD have changed following the Coronavirus Act 2020.