Friday 29 July 2022

How Wikipedia defames and delegitimizes anybody raising concerns against the WHO narrative on Covid

Meet Alex Brown ("Alexbrn" on Wikipedia - this is his own profile picture on twitter). 


He is a retired Computer programmer who has a PhD in English. But apparently that is sufficient to make him the ultimate arbiter of the ‘truth’ on Covid-19. He is the key member of a very small clique of Wikipedia ‘editors’ responsible for ensuring that any member of the public looking to Wikipedia for information on the many legitimate concerns about the ‘official’ covid narrative will find nothing other than smears against those raising such concerns. This clique act as ‘gatekeepers’ of the covid narrative, and have free reign to edit these personal pages. Not only do they insert complete lies, but they then delete any attempts to correct the lies and are able to block all attempts by others to provide corrections.

The full story and how Alexbrn hacked Norman Fenton's Wikipedia entry is here.



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