Friday, 30 April 2021

COVID-19: Discrepancy between 'cases' and 'illness'

It's been a while since we last highlighted the difference between Covid-19 'case' numbers (and by extension this means also hospitalisation numbers and death numbers) and actual Covid-19 illness.

The NHS pathways coronavirus triages website (see illness due to Covid-19 as it combines all 999, 111, online and ambulance calls relating to Covid-19 triages. Previous articles (see links) make clear what the caveats are.

The triage data confirms the real pandemic of spring 2020. I've still yet to see any better evidence that the (vast) majority of 'cases' (i.e. positive PCR test results) since the summer of 2020 have been false positives. 



  1. Isn't this just showing that in the first lockdown there was no testing so everyone rang 111, and in the second lockdown you didn't bother ringing 111 you just got a test?

  2. In fact you rang the dedicated 119 hotline so comparing 111 calls is deeply dishonest